Day 170 and falling out of bed

This morning when I woke up and got up I noticed that Colin had spasm-d himself almost entirely off the bed. His bum was three quarters on still, but both his legs were hanging off and he was ice cold to the touch. After helping him up onto the bed again, and covering him up … [Read more…]

Tag 6

Last one for tonight – Timeless. I love the subtle colours. I usually do too bright or too blingy.

Tags 2 to 5

Here is a set of gift tags for Christmas I made with Distress Oxide inks, stencils, and some lovely shimmer white ink. There are two patterns, and I just love them both. Here is a beautiful one and every time I look at it, I can’t believe I made it. lol Here is my last … [Read more…]

Tags – number 1

Here is a tag I made for my Dad, based upon the multimedia techniques I have learned from Denise. I love them, and I feel I am getting better. Every tag is different, and I love them all. Here is the first in a series: I will be back with more later…

Christmas cards class

AAAAAAARGH! I don’t know why sometimes the images just do not post, and the spacing goes funny! Google here I come. I spent the morning making lovely Christmas cards at The Scrappers Village with the usual gang and a few new people, with Christine as the teacher. It was like a breath of fresh air, … [Read more…]


For those of us, like me, who need a minimum of 8 hours of sleep a night, this type of change that has been thrust upon us is very challenging. Please don’t misunderstand me – I love Colin, and am eager and happy to be able to help him. The only problem is – when … [Read more…]

Day 146

We went for a walk to the Chinese takeaway around the corner. Very cool because Colin carried all the stuff 🙂

Day 142 – home braai

Although the ramp is not quite finished, and the works are still going on, we were able to have a braai in our own space with independent access for Colin. He has been out on the ramp a few times, and been into the garden, but this was our first thing in our own garden. … [Read more…]