Colin and I almost have a language of our own. It is made up of a lot of in-jokes, phrases from Simpsons episodes, and a mixture of other things that make no sense to anyone else listening. This is partly why we have so much fun – we can make the other laugh with a … [Read more…]

Ups and Downs

If nothing else, our journey is not boring. When to worry and what to do Colin has had nuclear diarrhea for the last two days, and it was so bad this morning that I spent almost three quarters of an hour cleaning the floor around the bed, the bed, the under-sheet, and Colin’s legs and … [Read more…]

Day 206 and holding a sandwich

Colin has been working really hard on moving his thumb on his left hand. He is sometimes able to make it grip things like strawberries and biltong. It is because of his diligent work, and sweat and tears every day with his physio that he is able to regain strength when he has a flicker … [Read more…]