Acknowledgements / Credits

I will try, wherever possible, to give credit to original posters (including a link), or perhaps the name of the person (and or the project in question) who inspired me , but if you feel I have left off your name, please contact me and I will rectify the situation immediately.
Please do not use or copy any of my work without acknowledgement and permission, although of course, sharing does happen, even if it is unconscious.
I try wherever possible to use all my own photos and videos, but do also make use of free images and photos from .
Unless otherwise specified, all these projects are my own work, using my own products, and I have not been sponsored or paid for any work. All opinions are my own, and any comparisons are based on my personal experience. I should also say that my opinions may change from time to time, based upon my skill level, or ability to use the products properly.


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