Day 82

Lost of business again today. My Dad went off to a lovely family gathering down in Ramsgate, and I dropped him off at the airport this morning. When I got to Colin, there was discussion about the urgency of making the structural changes to the house, and appointing a carer (or even 2) as soon … [Read more…]

Day 81

Today I am truly blessed to have a groups of friends who hold me up and support me. Tonight, they gave me THE most beautiful crocheted blanket. They have been putting love, prayers, kindness, support, and love beyond measure into each square, and I am just blown away. Here is my beautiful blankie and the … [Read more…]

Day 80

I just got back from the rehab from seeing Colin. He had his Urodynamic study today, and there are no issues with his bladder or kidneys. He has a capacity of 546mls, so that is a good thing. Some quads have a very small bladder due to various reasons, and so there is not an … [Read more…]

Day 79

Colin has been feeling much better over the last few days, although we will have to always be alert to watch for AD. He still have a variable appetite, and sometimes eats almost nothing for days. We are starting to plan the home changes, and I have to start getting quotes for the changes we … [Read more…]

Day 76

The home visit today went well. We have a few structural alterations to make to the house, but it seems manageable. We have to widen the bathroom door frame so it will allow a wheelchair through (both bathrooms are much narrower than everything else in the house, and we will have to also redo the … [Read more…]

Day 75

Colin has not been 100% well, and his blood pressure has been very low. This morning, he felt so ill he had blurred vision. But there is a spot of good news. He will come tomorrow morning with the social worker and the occupational therapist to see the house to advise us on how we … [Read more…]

Day 70

After we left Colin last night, he took a little turn for the worse, and although he had a high temperature, he felt so cold that he was shivering, and even his teeth were chattering. Apparently it is a neuropathic pain reflex. He didn’t like that the nurses kept taking his blankets off so they … [Read more…]

Day 69

Colin is ill again. He still have the infection which made him have to go back to the ICU this last time. Luckily, we caught it early enough, and he is on the same antibiotics as he was on in the ICU and hopefully he will be feeling better by tomorrow already. I was supposed … [Read more…]

Day 68

Yesterday, I had a day off and just did a lot of nothing (although I did do some cleaning and tidying). Of course, it was another day when Colin’s body decided to rebel again, and he just began to feel very ill again. His blood pressure went way down, he felt hot on his head … [Read more…]

Day 64

Weekends are the most difficult time for Colin I think. Several of his mates go home over weekends, and without visitors, he would stay in bed all day not being able to do anything at all. Luckily, I really want to spend time with him, and the weekends are the prefect days. During the week … [Read more…]