Colin’s amazing progress with physio

Colin has new physio goals. Perhaps the most important is to assist with transfers and to be able to shift himself in his chair.

It is amazing how well he is doing, and the progress he is making with the help of the physio and Jabu. Jabu works him relentlessly with both passive exercises to maintain his flexibility and range of movement, and to help to build up strength.

As you can see from this amazing video (content, not production value) he is able to wiggle more than we ever thought he would be able to. He can also sort of do little sideways movements by pressing on his hands to move on a slight downhill to almost do a transfer on his own. You can see that he still doesn’t have much control of his hands, but the fact that he can now press on his wrists like you see in the video has taken lots of work to strengthen them.

He is focusing on trying to lie down and get up on his own. This is still a major challenge, but just look how far he has come.

Long may it continue.

This is Colin wriggling downhill to move himself from the chair to the bed using a transfer board. Riona has to help with his legs and feet, but this is a huge milestone.

This is Colin wriggling backward on the plinth. This translates into being able to wriggle back in his chair, but we are still in the early stages.

This is Colin trying to get up by himself. Also a work in progress, but is SO FAR from where we have come that is is just astounding.

Colin lying down by himself.

Some days it is difficult to see the obstacles in the path. Then you have days like today where you can see how far you have come. Today I am grateful for my friends and family. I have THE most amazing support structure. I love you all, and I celebrate with you all. Thank you.



  1. Margie

    Wow! Well done! Colin you are such a star. One can see how hard you are working by looking at your face!!!! Your journey over the past year demonstrates your determination and perseverance.

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