Day 192 – right arm movement

It is day 192, and Colin was very pleased to be able to show us another small surprise – he cam move his right arm a little!


This is how his left arm started, and although the strength in his right arm is not yet built up, this is an extremely exciting occurrence. This means that he may get his right arm back as well. He has his biceps in his left arm, but no triceps. He seems to have triceps in his right arm, but no biceps. This means the function will be different, but this is a huge win.

We are 8 days passed the 6 months mark, and Colin has been working really hard. I know that hard work alone is not enough, but without hard work, this wouldn’t have been possible.

Well done Colin – every day I am pleased to be around you, your positivity, your enthusiasm, and your love for life. <3


  1. Kim

    I just had a look back at some of the videos you have posted and it is amazing to see the progress. Looking at Colin moving his fingers slightly on his left hand to now and now with the progress on his right arm, this is wonderful news. I pray to God that He fills Colin with even more progress and a lot more miricals. As I said to my kids the other day, “God might not move the mountain out of your way, but he certainly will help you get up it.” Keep your faith strong. God is with all his children all the time, no matter where we are in our journey with Him. Love to you both. đŸ˜˜

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