Day 237 – using a manual chair

We had a wonderful breakthrough today at rehab. Colin has been wanting to try wheeling a manual chair for about 2 weeks now, since he started having slight movement in his right arm.

Today he tried wheeling himself in a chair, and managed to get around the rehab in a circuit of about 30 metres. It was hard work, and difficult for Colin, but he kept at it and completed the circuit. He is slowly gaining strength and is determined to maximise whatever he has.

Here is a video of him:

Also, we have come up with a solution for him to be able to use his tablet on his chair – you can’t see very clearly in this picture, but it is an arm that clamps on to the bottom of the chair.

File 2017-11-02, 18 44 54

He also got a charger thingy that allows his tablet to charge from the chair.
File 2017-11-02, 18 48 32

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