New Shoes = no problem

Colin has needed a new pair of shoes for a long time. Even before he had his accident, he needed new shoes. It was always a mission to get him to go with me to get shoes because we were always both so busy and if we went out shopping it was always for other things, and we always got busy doing other things instead. When Colin started his stint in rehab, the physios said he would need a pair of shoes as well as a pair of slippers. Shoes are important for quads for many reasons – this is for another post – but since he won’t actually be walking on them, the fit is fairly easy to get right.

Finding shoes is now much easier for Colin as we don’t have to fiddle too much with the fit. We got him a new pair on sale at the local sports shop yesterday, and were able to get the exact pair according to how they looked instead of how they fit.

2017-12-12 10.21.45

We also got some weights for Colin’s arms to help increase his strength. They had only weights with pink trim (ha ha) and we have half kilos and a one kilo weight. This will be very good for Colin’s daily physio with Jabu, and his strength will continue to improve. His right arm is showing continued progress, and is gaining strength. In this picture you can see that he can now lift his right arm up when in a sitting position. This is only about 3 weeks after he was able to move it at all, and the win is just too amazing. Colin continues to help his right arm with his left arm, and he has gained more independence because he now can use a little of both arms.

2017-12-12 10.26.08

The last few weeks have been a difficult and stressful time, but Colin continues to work hard and is still winning. He is determined to gain as much strength with the movement he has as possible, and we are both continuing to apply our minds to little tweaks around the house to make it as accessible as possible. On the 10th it was the 9 month after Colin’s accident, and we have come so far. Looking back, I can’t believe how far we have come, and how much I have been lifted and carried by family, friends, and even strangers. I am hopeful and optimistic for the coming year, and know that together, Colin and I can do anything.

Thank you all for coming along on this journey, and for being there – both those who are visible and those who are invisible. Thank you.

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