Some improvement with hand function

Colin has some small ability to use his thumb on his left hand. He has been working hard to regain whatever is possible, and yesterday at rehab with the OT, we tried the EX Kit for the first time. This one was Stuart’s (my oldest brother) from about 40 years ago, and my Dad has kept it safe until now. It is the PERFECT thing for Colin to use as he remembers one from his childhood so it brings him happy memories, and is also fun to use to actually achieve a result apart from playing a fun game like Dominoes.

Here is an excerpt from Wikiperia: “The … EX-System is a … kit produced by Gakken in the late 1970s. The kits use … electronic blocks to allow electronics experiments to be performed easily and safely”
Wiki on the EX Kit

One of our cats, Michelle, saw fit to guard it for him on the dining room table when it was not in use. This is the same kitty who sat on a bunch of avos as if she were a mother hen.

2017-11-23 15.00.27

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