Colin and I almost have a language of our own. It is made up of a lot of in-jokes, phrases from Simpsons episodes, and a mixture of other things that make no sense to anyone else listening. This is partly why we have so much fun – we can make the other laugh with a word or phrase that perfectly describes a whole paragraph of information.

Sometimes, it is just a word that is silly or made up. One thing I do a lot, it purposely mispronounce words. I think it is a Godwin family thing.

Last night when I was putting Colin to bed, I said I was going to “lol” him instead of “roll” him to the side, and as I did it, we both said, as if on cue: “Loll!”

Most nights during the nightly routine, we laugh a lot. Sometimes it is at things as silly as epic farts, amazing amounts of poo, or just jokes; and then other times, it becomes an instant classic for our repertoire. I suspect that “lolling” him will be one of those jokes that is tole over and over again, only getting funnier each time.

On a completely different note, Colin tried a standing chair at the rehab. He absolutely LOVED it, and it will be beneficial in all sorts of ways. We are going to ask Father Christmas if we can have one, but I suspect we may have to wait a few years.

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