Physio update – pushing a manual chair

Colin’s shoulders are stronger, but they still need a lot of work. Yesterday, we got to try a different manual chair. This one seems like it may be the one that works for him. Here you can see him pushing himself. A major achievement considering he could hardly move his right arm AT ALL just 6 months ago.

You can see that although he cannot control his hands, and the fingers are balled into fists, he uses the heel of his hand to push the rubberised rims. We will need to get him special pushing gloves with a sort of grip on the heel, but that is on our list.

Have a lovely day. <3


  1. Penny Aires

    Absolutely amazing! Really great achievement! Great for Colin to have more independence and great that improvements are still occurring! I’m astounded are your tenacity and determination. You ‘re achieving what didn’t seem possible

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