Stamping Foam Subscription Box

Since the lockdown, I have become even better at online shopping. I already had a triple black belt, but now I am a grandmaster. After drooling at all the subscription services and monthly release kits that one can purchase in Europe and the Americas, I was determined to discover if there was something like that locally, and I discovered a subscription service called You Create Dot Co Dot Za. Here. Their Instagram link is here, and the ad blurb for this kit is here. I am not aware how long it has been running, but it has been going for several months, at least. They have had all sorts of gorgeous projects, such as resin coasters, macrame, ink coloured and dyed bags, tie-dye, stenciling, watercolour, and others I can’t remember.

During the lockdown, I have been privileged to be able to “attend” online courses and have kits sent directly to me, and I appreciate everyone who made that happen for me. I was not alone and was able to get my craft on during the difficult times. I had not yet ordered one of these kits before.

The kit arrived today (had complete tracking info if required) and it was packed in a gorgeous cardboard box with lovely embellishments including a bespoke name tag just for me. I also received a hand-written welcome note, welcoming me to the family, and that made me feel really special. Receiving a gorgeous parcel that is itself, a work of art, just makes you want what is inside even more.

stamping foam box
stamping foam box welcome

Once I opened my treasure chest, here is what I found:

stamping foam box inside
There was a pack of stamping foam, 3 inks, a little Easter egg, some textured card, a lovely notebook, some string to make textures, and a set of complete instructions with all sorts of inspiring ideas. I also received a little gift for my first order as a welcome gift – a gorgeous stamp set. how wonderful!

I am going to work on my projects this weekend over Easter, and I will post here what I have made.

We wish you and yours a peaceful time over this weekend, and if you are traveling – come back home safely.

Thank you for popping in, and I look forward to reading your comments.

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