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**This is an image-heavy post**

Douglas, my stepson – just recently got engaged to Nikkie, a lady living at the farm commune in Potchefstroom. We went down to visit today, and apart from his birthday gift (it is his birthday today) I wanted to give her a little gift too.

I made a tag for her using some left over cardboard from a delivery box that had lovely white swirl patterns on the inside. I love to make tags, and the cardboard was really lovely and inspired me.

Here is what the cardboard looked like on each side:

2019-06-08 21.47.29
2019-06-08 21.47.27

I shaped the cardboard into a tag shape, perhaps not any known standard size, but I thought it looked good for what I wanted.

Using a black sharpie, I drew around the white shapes and coloured in the dots with yellow.

2019-06-08 21.56.46

I added some green to the leaf shapes, and then stuck on my beautiful flowers. I also stuck on a sentiment that I had thought was too stark white so I coloured that with some brown watercolour pencil and then wet it with a wet wipe to smooth the colour. I also added an edge using a red sharpie to just finish the sentiment.

2019-06-08 22.17.28

It looked like the white was a bit too stark on the background, so I also coloured in the remaining white with a red watercolour pencil and used a wet wipe to smooth the colour. I wiped a lot off so that the coolour was very subtle.

2019-06-08 22.22.55

I thought the tag needed some bling, so I sprayed it with a bit of Gold Perfect Pearls, and added a red ribbon.

2019-06-08 22.39.21
2019-06-08 22.40.58

Nikkie loved receiving the gift with the tag, and I was happy to make it. It is always such fun to create something with no particular plan in mind. I usually struggle with ideas on what to put, where, but this was such fun to make, and I think fun to receive.

Thank you for popping in, and I hope you have a good week ahead.

See you all soon. XxX

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