Colin uses a mouse for the first time since the accident

Today, while we were sitting together at our computers, Colin simply asked if there was a spare mouse lying around. We found one. He wanted to try using the mouse instead of the trackball he has been using.

In what I can only call a remarkable feat – he simply went ahead and managed to move the mouse a little as well as being able to click, right-click, and double click.

Here is a video of him doing so:

You can see the mouse is a small promotional one (A really cute little car), but it works, and perhaps the small size is exactly what he needs. You can also see that he is not really able to click my fully controlling his index finger, but he does have some movement in his index finger, and so he will improve with practice.

Here is a pic of Colin’s old trackball. You can see it is well used.

Colins trackball

This is an amazing step forward. Well done Colin. Let’s see how long each day you are able to use this mouse instead of the trackball. I am so proud of you!

Happy day to you all, and thanks for popping in.

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