1. Anet Swart

    Hallo Janice

    Wow I really enjoyed your last 2 blogs. I am excited for you with the progress Colin is making. I loved his picture with the huge smile. It makes one feel a whole lot better.

    I liked you mixed media pics. I did the same with Denise about 2 weeks ago. It was such a nice and relaxing morning.

    We just heard last week Thursday that my son was promoted at work and that he has to relocate to the Northern Cape. And off course my husband and I will have to join in this venture. My son is a widower and I have a 10 year old grandson. He will need us there for support. So in 3 weeks we will be relocating to Kuruman.

    I still pray that Colin will get better soon.



    • Congratulations for your son – I hope you will enjoy Kuruman. If you like, I will make sure that we post a lot of stuff we do at Ansie’s place so you can keep up with us until you can find a place there where you can take classes and courses to keep your relaxing. XxX

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