1. Venessa

    Hello Janice our common connection is Corne who is a very special friend if mine. She had shared your blog with me and I have read some of it. I have a friend who had been through what you and Colin are going through. He is very fortunate to have you because she sadly lost her husband in the accident. I say that because I see how you try and look at your blessings daily. What a wonderful character trait that is because I can only imagine that some days you just want to fold up into a hole and hide away. Please feel free to contact me as I do life coaching and psychological counseling and would love to walk alongside and Colin on this journey as a neutral party, if you would have me there.

  2. Judy

    Sit quietly for a few moments, clear your mind of all the noise inside your head, then you will know what to do, you will become strong again ….. Do not be afraid to ask for help

    Love and hugs xxx

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