Splitting my blog in two

Dear friends. Colin has created a new blog specifically dedicated to spinal cord injury, disability topics, and related things; and has therefore moved all my posts about him, the accident, and his continued recovery on the new blog. His new endeavor includes online computer coding training (specifically including JAVA) for anyone, but specifically other disabled people, and the new site will have all sorts of resources for South African disability information. We are very excited about this, and I am so proud of him for moving ahead with this challenge.

I will use this blog for my crafts and my things, and we will both use the new blog and forums for any disability / SCI-related topics.

If you wish to follow the new blog, please go visit it here: https://quadriplegic.co.za/blog/

While it is still undergoing tweaking, it is fully operational and should be working as planned. However, if you encounter any issues, please let us know. Likewise, if you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions about the new site – please feel free to share that with us as well. The new site is here: https://quadriplegic.co.za/

Thanks for popping in, and I hope you will all stay here with me too. I look forward to many more comments and I love all your feedback.

Have a lovely week.

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