Swimming, with weights

this is only the third time we have had a swim with Colin, but this time we put weights on his feet to sort of help him stay upright. You can see in the deep end how he is able to be upright because his feet are not floating up and tipping him.

It was a great success. He swam doggy paddle a lot and is able to turn over by himself in the water, so I don’t have to worry nearly as much as I do… He also tried to grab the sides of the pool for a rest, but his hands are not open enough to be helpful.

On a side note – the new OT is helping him with his right hand, and he is able to open his index finger almost to fully extended on some days. That is a huge improvement. The goal is to see if we can get his hand open enough to be functional. We have already achieved so much more than the Neorusurgeon said we would, but we are still hopeful.

I was looking back at some videos of Colin in the first days after the accident. He has come so far and he continues to gain strength.

Here is a brief video, taken by my Dad. You can see many of our animals around “helping” Colin.

Thanks for popping in. Here’s to many more days of sunshine, and lots more swimming. <3


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