About me

I am a forty-something, happily married woman with two grown-up step kids, and several animals. My Dad also lives on the property with us, and he is a constant course of joy for me as he is such a positive and uplifting man. We live in sunny Johannesburg, South Africa.

When I am not feeding the menagerie, I am pretending to do housework, watching old movies on my computer, browsing Pinterest, or playing in my craft room. 😀 It is my happy place, and although it is very untidy, well actually completely upside down, it houses all my bits and bobs for my crafting, and although the ironing happens in there too, it is my creative den.

I look forward to hearing from you, and an enjoying a continuing process of learning something every day, even if it is just to watch YouTube for a technique I may or may never actually try myself.

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