Decoupaged tray with epoxy coating

Last Saturday, I attended a class at my local craft place – The Scrappers Village – where we learned decoupage and chalk painting techniques.

My tray was a gift from my Dad a few years ago, and I wanted to give it a bit of a facelift. I used dry brushing so the colour would still allow the beautiful wood grain to show through, and I think it looks great. I also used some gorgeous napkins for my decoupage. I love flowers, and I think the detail of the flowers on the tray is just gorgeous.

To seal the tray, I used a sparkly sealer (of course) and I think it adds to the overall look. It feels like a sparkly summer braai, and I just know using the tray will make me very happy.

For the final layer, I wanted to do something like liquid glass. I found an old box of epoxy resin that I think works just as well, and the final product is simply stunning. It is shiny, smooth, sparkly, and happy. 🙂

Here’s to the next braai where I can load it up with things.

full tray
This is the full tray
sparkle detail
Some of the sparkle detail
corner detail
More sparkle detail
unicorn sealer
The unicorn sealer I used
This is the epoxy I used. It may need two coats of this, but I will see when it is completely dry

The depth of detail and shine on the tray is difficult to capture on film – it is really very beautiful.

It was such a fun class, and we all did completely different projects. I just love the camaraderie and fun of the class atmosphere, and the ladies made it very special.

Stay safe, have fun, and always look for the sparkle. XxX

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