Envelope Journal

I have been loving making journals and decorating them. A friend showed me a tutorial on YouTube on making a journal entirely from envelopes. There is a channel by Angela Kerr that I encourage you to go check out, specifically her tutorial on the envelope journal: here.

My friend gave me the envelopes already glued together, and I started covering all the envelopes with some beautiful paper by Lemoncraft called Raspberry Garden which has lovely pinks and greens. I also used a few free printables from various sources, as well as some washi tape to create the overall look. I rounded all the corners and inked all the edges with brown ink to give it a vintage look and feel.

The envelopes are all different sizes, and you can see the different tuck spots and pockets throughout the journal. Wherever there is a notch there is a pocket. I am really pleased with how it came out.

I must also say that the beautiful tea-stained paper was also made by my friend for the journal.

Here is the journal with the many various envelopes and tuck spots with various tags and other bits and bobs tucked inside.


The purpose of this journal, apart from being a creative outlet for me, is to be used and bring the user joy in seeing something pretty and functional. The pages are for notes, and the various pockets are for keepsakes, receipts, notes, etc.

I plan on giving this journal away as a special gift, because it brought me SO much joy when I was creating it. In other news, the vaccines have started here in South Africa for over 60s, so there is hope on the horison. In the meantime, the pandemic still rages, and we are heading into a third wave.

The process of creating keeps me sane, and I hope to post more posts soon.

I wish you all a safe and happy time, and I appreciate you popping in to see my creations. XxX


  1. Penny Aires

    That’s so beautiful, Janis. I. Love abiut it thst there are so many pretty and appealing components to explore. It’s a real treasure (and will no doubt be enriched with more treasures out into it)

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