Lack of Retail Therapy – the complaint of the privileged

They say that online sales have increased dramatically during the pandemic. I am probably personally responsible for at least half of those. But seriously, I have historically found “retail therapy” (and even window shopping) hugely soothing, and have missed it a lot since we have been isolating for the past year.

No visits with friends, no visits to craft classes with friends and the inevitable purchases that go along with that, no visits to the thrift stores, no visits to the local shops with shiny fake jewels or hair accessories, no visits to the food shops where I can see and touch all the beautiful new items or smell the melons and lemons. No friends. No visits to shops. No visits at all, and I have found that difficult.

We have had food delivered since the start of the lockdown a year ago, as well as finding hosts of new places to deliver almost anything my little heart can desire, but it is not the same. I loved finding items at the thrift stores for me, for my Dad, for the house, for friends, for family, for crafting… and more.

The world has changed and will change again, but I find change difficult. I try to take it in my stride and be all resilient through everything, but sometimes it is not easy.

I miss my friends and being able to just pop in for a chat or a coffee or a sandwich. I miss classes, togetherness, socialising, shopping, walking, and generally being able to go out anywhere for any reason. I also miss my local charity shop. I miss seeing people’s full faces. I miss hugging.

Even while understanding that I am extremely lucky that this is the extent of my loss compared to the many who have lost their jobs, livelihoods, homes, and even lives – I still wish it were different.


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