Photo test

I completed my tripod (see my previous post) but I made a mistake with the length of the top part, so I need another T-piece, and a few tweaks.  I did however, manage to test the tripod using my tags from the scrapbook day last month.


Here are the closeups of the embossing on the tag.  I used pearly embossing powder, and put it over some old texture paste (the name came off long ago so I don’t know which brand it was).  The paste was still wet when I used a heat gun which produced the bubbling effect you see here.  Depending on the look you want – if you want it smooth, you need to wait til the paste is dry before you melt the embossing powder, but I wanted more of a textured look.


Here are the close up pictures I took using my wonderful tripod and my phone.  I just need to fix the top part of the tripod once I have another T-piece and have been able to glue it again, but I am looking forward to posting lots of videos and pictures soon.


2017-03-04 16.42.02



2017-03-04 16.38.39


2017-03-04 16.38.34


Thanks for stopping by, and have a great week ahead.




The embossing powder I have was from my Mom’s old stash, and I don’t know where you can get it, but it looks like this:

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