Stamping Foam Subscription Box – Playtime

A few posts ago, I showed you what I received in my stamping foam subscription box. Today I had a play with it, with a friend. Here are some of the prints we made to show you how well they work.

These two patterns are from embossed cardboard, using three colours to create a lovely background
These are created using a stencil to create the stamped image
From top to bottom: stencil, string, embossed card
My friend used a stamp to see how it turned out, you can see the stamp and the foam image
My friend’s image using a paper towel for the impression

The re-useable stamping foam is so easy to use, and we had success with an embossed card, string, paper towel, stamps, and stencils. It is so easy to use – you just heat the foam (using an embossing tool, a hairdryer, or even very hot water) and press your texture onto the foam to create your stamp. From there, you ink it up and use it as a normal stamp. So easy. Once you are done, clean the ink off, and reheat to return it to the original flat shape. We used them over and over, and although mine had a little bit of staining, it worked as well with the last one as with the first, and didn’t transfer any colour from the staining.

I highly recommend this stamping foam and am glad I have one.

If you are interested in getting some, you can buy them locally in South Africa from Country Crafts, Shop-n-Scrap, Short Cut Crafts, and Doodles Cafe.

It has been raining all day, and the weather is getting much colder. Winter is on the way. I hope you are all warm and dry, and staying safe over this long weekend. Our thoughts are with those in the midst of the floods in KZN.

Take care, and stay happy. See you soon…

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