The first page of my journal

I have had a beautiful mixed media journal for a few years now, but have been too chicken to use it in case I “ruin” it. Well, last night Colin encouraged me to start using it both as a way to collect and keep my projects in one place, but to journal thoughts and project details too.

This evening I started using it and have done most of my first page. It is not finished yet – it needs a few finishing touches to add a few more layers of interest and dimension (such as background stamping or shading) but I decided while it is drying, I wanted to share pictures of what I have so far.

I started by applying a layer of gesso, and then used brown acrylic paint and a blue gelato to create a sort of sand and sky division. I have exactly 3 gelatos – one in each primary colour, and one bottle of brown Distress Paint, but if I take to the journalling thing, maybe I will increase my stash. 🙂

2020-01-08 19.05.46

It was too dark, so I used more gesso to sort of lighten the layers and I kind of liked how it looked so I stopped there.

2020-01-08 19.17.03

Then I put some sort of grit/sand I had in a bottle from years ago as a sort of texture for the ground. I used heavy gel to do this. In this picture, there are still wet pieces sticking out, but you can see the effect. I think it really works.

2020-01-08 19.35.26

Then I stuck two succulents onto the background and found some words in a sticker book I have. I used 2020 because this is the year I am determined to learn more and more to hone my skill in crafting, and also a few phrases that would inspire me – One day at a time, Little by little, and Step by step.

2020-01-08 19.50.55
2020-01-08 19.52.50
2020-01-08 19.52.58

I really love how it turned out and for my very first journal page using mixed media, I think it is a success.

Here is the whole page together as a whole:

2020-01-08 19.53.12

When it is fully dry tomorrow, I will re-look at it and see what else needs to be done, if anything.

I am pleased with my page and hope that many more will follow.

Thank you for popping in, I hope you are inspired in your own life, no matter what you do.

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