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There are many blogs out there, many are better than mine, but this my happy place. Here, I want to share my ideas, my creativity, new knowledge, new techniques, failures, successes, and my joy around paper craft. For me, paper craft includes card making, scrap-booking, mixed media, crochet, knitting, sewing, felting, and more.

I have most recently been inspired by my new crafty friends, a bunch of incredibly resourceful and loving ladies who are creative in different ways, each inspiring us all for obvious (their craft projects) and other not-so obvious reasons (their loving care and enthusiasm). We meet at least once a week for out “creative” time when we leave our hubbies and kids at home and have a few hours to chat and or create. Since we all “borrow with our eyes”, and are inspired by each other’s ideas / colour combinations / placement of embellishments / combinations, it may happen that one day, all of our projects will begin to look alike ha ha, but for now, it is a wonderfully diverse groups of people who each excels at different aspects of the creative arts. Some of them have presented classes that we all (as well as other members of the public) have attended, and some are on international design teams for various online shops associated with wholesale and retail companies selling crafty and arty items, and I can’t really believe how lucky I am to have found myself in this lovely groups of ladies. <3

I really want to aim to have at least one post a week, but we will have to see how it goes.

Have a lovely day,

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