Wellington’s Day

Colin, my bestest in the whole world, got me a special present that arrived this morning.

Knowing that I am an original Star Wars fanboy, and that I do most of the DIY around the house – specially now – he got me THE perfect gift. It is something I saw on a forum or web page some time ago, and just for giggles, I posted it on Facebook. He got me a Millenium Falcon Multi-tool Kit. A bit like a Leatherman Tool, but SO much better.

He knows me so well, and loves me anyway. How lucky can one person be?

I love you Colin. My sun, my moon, and my stars. Thank you for being the man you are – truly amazing, and tenacious, and loving, and generous, and just wonderful. I cannot imagine my life without you, and am so glad you chose me. Here’s to the next year, and me by your side. I love you.

2018-02-14 13.01.51

2018-02-14 13.02.07

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