Nommy cinnamon buns

The bread maker I have is fantastic for making my Dad’s marmalade, and the occasional loaf of spring onion and basil bread. I know that it makes a lot of other things too, but to be honest, I have had neither the time nor the inclination to make anything else for a long time.

Today is Morgan’s 21st birthday, and I wanted to make her something yummy to wake up to.

I made the dough in the maker last night – really perfect in the bread maker, and then I did the sugar and butter to make the cut rolls which I refrigerated overnight.

2018-03-13 21.31.09

Early this morning I put the oven on and started the the glaze while it was cooking.

2018-03-14 08.30.08
They were a little over-cooked on the top, this was because I am still getting used to the fan in the oven which makes cooking time a bit shorter than all my recipes.

Then the glaze when they were fresh and warm.
2018-03-14 08.32.26

Perhaps a little too much brown sugar, but they were really yummy.


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