Full Deck Challenge

One of the many, many inspiring and informative channels I follow on YouTube is ShanoukiArt. She has something called the Full Deck Challenge, where you alter playing cards (or facsimiles if you don’t have a pack) to create beautiful cards using all sorts of techniques and embellishments. The first challenge is complete (YouTube playlist here), and she is currently on card number 3 of the new one – The Full Deck Challenge 2. There is also a Facebook group here for people who want to share and see other’s creations.

I strated today with a friend – we did the first card in the series, but we didn’t realise we were watching the first full deck challenge instead of the second one. So we are about a year behind…

It was such fun. The techniques we used this time included stencilling, using watercolour paint, and layering with material and other ephemera. We used an eyelet so we can keep the cards together in a bunch on a ring. My stencilling was not that successful, but I have learned from this, and am sure that next time it will be better.

The card came out quite well, and I am pleased with the result. Here is my card:

FullDeckChallenge1 - 1

Although we have started with the wrong challenge, I am sure we will catch up soon, and I plan to post all the cards here. I hope you are doing whatever makes you happy or brings you joy this weekend.

Have fun, and I hope you pop in again, soon.


  1. kwiklip

    Beautiful! I am even further behind than you – I just discovered this challenge (and ShanoukiArt) but I’m going to do it too. Thank you for your post and inspiration!

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