Product review – Large Funnel Tray

This is a product review. I bought this product myself – it was not sponsored. These opinions and observations are my own.

The photos of the product are taken from the Dress My Craft official website and are not my own.

The product:

Today I bought a new product. It is a large funnel tray by Dress My Craft, stocked by The Purple Magnolia. You can use this tray for embossing powder, beads, jewels, flower centres, prills, and any other small things you need to put back into a little pot.


The tray is 25cm by 16cms and is a perfect size – not too big and not too small. I found that it fits a card 15cm by 15cm (6 inches by 6 inches) perfectly, and would also be useful for an A4 page. You can pour your embossing powder all over your embossed area, and easily pour the remainder back into the jar using either the smaller or larger hole that has a screw-on cap for keeping it all secure.

I found that I had to use an antistatic tool (or just brush some baby powder onto the tray), as the powder or beads seems to be very static and would stick to the tray, not going through the holes back into their jars easily.

I would recommend using the antistatic tool between each use. I was even able to use some highly static polystyrene balls quite easily using the antistatic trick. Only three balls escaped. 🙂

dress-my-craft-large-funnel-tray 2

Here is a close-up of the holes out of which you can pour the powder – one is very small for tiny mouth jars and a larger one for other jars.

DMC funnel tray ends


  • Catches all the powder/beads easily
  • Keeps everything together on your desk so you can emboss while your ink is still wet
  • Sits flat on the desk so won’t spread your beads all over
  • Is large enough for a large card, or A4 page
  • Has screw lids on the holes so they won’t allow the powder/beads out until you make it happen
  • Is pink 🙂


  • Is a little static itself – I found I needed to use antistatic powder, but when I did, it was magic
  • Not big enough for a full 12×12 inch scrap page

The verdict:

I love this product. I don’t know how I have managed without it all these years. Yes, you can use a plain piece of paper or a large coffee filter, as we all have in the past. I know I don’t *need* this, but it is a highly useful product, particularly if you are embossing multiple cards at the same time.

Definitely worth the money, in my opinion.

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