August monthly craft box – shaker cards

This month’s craft kit box from You Create is shaker cards. They seem to be very popular right now, and although I have made a few, they have not been high quality, so I am very pleased to have a chance play with the notes, ideas, and inspiration that comes along with the kit.

As usual, the packaging was gorgeous and was an experience to open. It had an individually addressed card (which was a mini shaker), and a whole bunch of creative stuff to play with. There are three pens for colouring, loads and loads of unique shaker bits, lots of card covers and pieces of already cut out card for the shaker elements on the cards, a blister box to create a shaker box, thick foam, thick foam tape, a roll of tissue tape to create the seal for the shakers, and pages and pages of lovely ideas and tips and tricks (along with instructions on how to create shaker cards a few different ways).

What I love the most is the kit contains everything you need to try something new – you don’t have to go out and invest money in tools and items for something you may not like, and never want to do again. There are all the bits and pieces you need to create several projects from start to finish. Of course, if you love the project, you can go out and buy additional colours, papers, cards, dies, elements, ephemera, etc, but you have got everything you need to create a complete thing which is lovely. Each kit may contain slightly different items, but the colours always go well together, and the attention to detail is amazing.

Here are two pics I took for you to see all the lovely goodness.


So join the WhatsApp group to see what the upcoming crafting box is, pop over to the page here, or else on Instagram here.

The monthly craft kit is a self-contained thing, and you don’t need to have any previous kits to get any future kits. There is also no subscription – you can choose which you want each month when they advertise what the next month will be. Past craft kits have included Distress Crayons, Dot Art, Stamping Foam, Chalk Painting, and so many more delicious things.

I don’t get the kit every month because I am lucky enough to have a wonderful collection of crating items already, but I always look forward to the next month and when I order – I just can’t wait for my kit to arrive.

I hope you are all managing with the unusual rains, droughts, heat, and cold – wherever you are in the world. Stay safe, and be happy.
Take care, and I hope you will pop in again soon. XxX


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