Upcycled jewelry holder

One of the latest projects I have completed is an upcycled frame converted into an earring and necklace holder. Of course, it has the obligatory bling added. Here is the process I followed:

  • buy a cheap frame with no glass for a few bucks
  • sand frame
  • staple chicken wire onto the back
  • paint with chalk paint
  • seal with bling varnish
  • drill small holes at the bottom
  • insert tiny cup hooks into the bottom for necklaces
  • attach a braided holder for hanging
  • add your earrings and necklaces

It turned out quite well, and I now have a place to store all the lovely vintage-y things I find at the charity shop so I can display them and choose my jewels each morning. 🙂

Jewellery frame
I also painted the chicken wire so it would be “sealed” and not damage the earrings when I hang them.
Jewellery frame closeup
The bling is “Cosmic Shimmer frosted crystal glitter paste” that I bought a long time ago and have not been able to find again. It is almost empty, and that is a pity. However, using this bling has brought me so much joy that I don’t mind.

The cosmic shimmer is a lovely glitter with a mixture of fine and chunky pieces in different shimmery colours. Just gorgeous. BUT, you can make your own if you have any glitter and any type of transparent (or dries transparent) medium. I have made my own before using clear gesso with chunky glitter added into it and it worked beautifully. I also made some using mini beads and translucent texture paste. That also worked very well and turned out beautifully.

As an aside, the correct spelling for non-Americans is “jewellery” and not “jewelry” (as I have used in this post). However, it seemed a bit strange to look at and not as easy on the eye as “jewelry”. Feel free to be offended by my choice – I know there are many linguaphiles (or even logophiles) who may read this and feel physical pain in their language centre. HA HA HA. Usually, I prefer to err on the side of UK-based grammar and spelling if there is a choice.

If you enjoy words (and playing with meaning), you may like this list of five unexpected sentences:

  • The batteries were given out free of charge.
  • You are stuck with your debt if you can’t budge it.
  • He had a photographic memory; although it was never developed.
  • When she saw her first strands of gray hair, she thought she would dye.
  • Those who get too big for their britches will be exposed in the end.

But back to my upcycled item – it has made me feel very creative and I plan on making and sharing more things. If you would like to see tutorials on something, please let me know – I am planning on doing videos and regular blog posts and would love to know what you would like to see here.

My holder is currently drying and I will load up my jewels later this evening. I plan to post a photo of how it looks later, so if that is something you want to see, please remember to pop in later to see it.

Thanks for stopping by, and I wish you all a lovely week.


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