Day 21 Update

Today when I arrived, Colin was in the gym working on his left arm, and starting to work on sitting upright, as well as beginning to work on his right arm and wrist, and also his shoulders. He seems in very good spirits, but his shoulder is very sore still which prompted the physio to … [Read more…]

Day 20 update

I did not see Colin today – I miss him terribly, but I needed a break. I spent the whole day in my pyjamas and did some cleaning of the house. I do have a copy of Colin’s X-ray or scan or whatever you call it. Here is a normal one I found on the … [Read more…]

Day 19 update

I spent a lot of time with Colin today, and he is feeling so much better. Today, the OT made him a strap that goes around his hand allowing him to hold a fork or spoon to feed himself in time. He will have to be a lefty for the foreseeable future as his right … [Read more…]

Day 18 update

So many mixed emotions today. I had a phone call from a lady asking me if we had insurance on the car, as her client was going to try claim from us because Colin made an unsafe lane change and clipped his car. After taking a deep breath, I asked her if she represented the … [Read more…]

Day 17 Update

Another long day for Colin as he was transferred from the hospital via ambulance to the Rehab Center, and for me with more admin and forms and calls, etc. He seems in fine spirits today, and I stayed from around 3 until just before 8pm. He wants a shave tomorrow, and will want his hair … [Read more…]

Update to the Day 16 Update

I just got back from seeing Colin again. He was AGAIN, exponentially better than this afternoon which was exponentially better than yesterday. His boss sent the link for 2 unreleased apps that use eye movement as the mouse on a smart device, and blinking as clinking and double clicking. We installed them together tonight on … [Read more…]

Day 16 update

Today Debbie and Carol were to visit Colin and he was very animated. He is feeling so much better, and even showed off how hard he has been working on his left and right arms. His left arm has almost double the movement he has before, and his right is gaining a little strength now … [Read more…]

Day 15 update

What a long, but super-fun day. I have taken some time to just relax, and attended a wonderful multi-media class this morning, given by Denise van Deventer, then went to see Colin, and then went out with some friends. Colin is looking good, and I think he can’t wait for Monday so the next phase … [Read more…]

Day 14 Update

They did replace his trachy today at 3pm. I was a little late due to traffic, and arrived just as he came round. Suddenly, I have more hope – his colour is just so much better, and despite being a little dopey still, he was in good spirits. He sill needs to learn how to … [Read more…]

Day 13 update

I went at the 3 o’clock visiting hour, and Colin had not yet gone for his trachy replacement. I could see that he was a little down, perhaps nervous about the replacement, but he was ok in general. He ate a yoghurt, but wanted something savoury. He says they are still not really letting him … [Read more…]