Day 137

The sun shone again today. Colin had a real shower on his commode, in his own bathroom, with his own stuff, and in his own time. I showered with him, and washed him, of course, but he was just so pleased to actually be able to have a wonderful, warm, wet, full contact, soapy, cleansing, … [Read more…]

Day 136

Caution: grumping ahead… Learning is uncomfortable, and it is exhausting, and I am surrounded by a swarm of grump bees, and I am eating wooly worms. Today, Colin had an appointment at the rehab with his Doc, and then he had an appointment with the dentist too. This, together with the slight complication of our … [Read more…]

Day 134

Today Colin went out onto the ramp and into the garden for the first time. It is not done yet, but it is looking good.

Day 132

Morning all We are settling in well, and starting to find a routine, although we are not quite there yet. We are still waiting for the bulk of our equipment for Colin, but we have the loan wheelchair, and that is the most important thing. The chair rack on the car is not actually working … [Read more…]

Day 126

We have now officially reached almost a full week of being home, with a weekend included. As you know, Colin came home on Tuesday, and although many of his rehab goals were not met due to the initial time requested from the medical aid not being granted, but we will do what we need to … [Read more…]

Day 123

Colin is home. Many mixed feelings, from both of us, I think. There is no more safety net, and there is not more just being able to ask a quick question from the Nurses or the Doctor, or the physios, or the OT. There are no people just a foot away who can answer my … [Read more…]

Day 122

Tomorrow Colin will be home. He has spent a long time away from home, and although he has needed to, it is time for him to come be with us all again. There is so much more he could do at the physio and OT gym, but I am sure he can also gain more … [Read more…]

Day 119

Today is nearly over, and I am glad. Long story short, I had a phone call today saying that apparently Colin has due to be released on Sunday afternoon. So little of what needs to be done, IS done, and I am freaking out a little. Colin is making strides, and I believe he would … [Read more…]

Day 117

Many good things happened today. Colin stood up in the frame for the first time. He cannot stand up, or lift himself, or use his legs, but he was able to tolerate being in a standing position with his weight on his legs while being strapped in. This is a very good thing because the … [Read more…]