Physio progress second half of April 2018

Colin’s right arm started moving one week before Christmas last year. Since then, he has been working really hard on strengthening it. He is trying to write again with his right hand, but doesn’t have the wrist control. It is possible to write with gross movement, but we are hoping for return and control of … [Read more…]

Easter Tags

I have had such a wonderful time over the last few days. I have made sweet little Easter tags for my friends. I took pattern paper, cut it out into the shape of a notebook page, and inked the edges to give it a vintage look. I made little chicks by sticking eyes and beaks … [Read more…]

Dad flying his latest little plane

Dad has not been able to fly his planes for years now, and when he moved, he gave them all away to keen people. However, even though he can’t really see well enough to even build them anymore, he has built a small rubber-band one which we sometimes fly for a few seconds on the … [Read more…]

Wellington’s Day

Colin, my bestest in the whole world, got me a special present that arrived this morning. Knowing that I am an original Star Wars fanboy, and that I do most of the DIY around the house – specially now – he got me THE perfect gift. It is something I saw on a forum or … [Read more…]


Colin and I almost have a language of our own. It is made up of a lot of in-jokes, phrases from Simpsons episodes, and a mixture of other things that make no sense to anyone else listening. This is partly why we have so much fun – we can make the other laugh with a … [Read more…]

Ups and Downs

If nothing else, our journey is not boring. When to worry and what to do Colin has had nuclear diarrhea for the last two days, and it was so bad this morning that I spent almost three quarters of an hour cleaning the floor around the bed, the bed, the under-sheet, and Colin’s legs and … [Read more…]