Short Day 13 Update

Haven’t seen him yest, but just wanted to say today I am grateful for Morgan, and Breakfast. This morning, at 7am, Morgan brought me a wonderful breakfast of scrambled eggs, mushrooms, bacon, and has browns. Thank you Morgan – I really appreciated that. It was very delicious, and just what I needed. Thank you my … [Read more…]

Day 12 Update

Some good news – I fed him a small pot of yoghurt, and he loved that. He also drank almost a whole juice, and seems to be fine with the food and drink, although they are still introducing it too slowly for his liking. Tomorrow will be 7 days since they installed his trachy and … [Read more…]

Day 12

Today I finally managed to speak to a Doctor. Here is our good news for the day (and I haven’t even been to see him yet): They will fit the other trachy tomorrow and this will help him to start to learn to speak again. He is eating proper food (well, sort of sludgy stuff, … [Read more…]

Day 11

Colin seems in much better spirits today, but he is also very tired. He asked me to just hold his hand. We have a fairly long and lovely time with me leaning my head on his arm while we held hands. I miss that. More than I would have ever thought possible. He was drifting … [Read more…]

Day 10

It is day 10, and I find that I am starting to run out of steam. I am sleeping mostly OK, but my mind doesn’t stop for a second. Everyone is being so helpful and loving, sending limited communication – enough to let me know how loved we are, but not too much that it … [Read more…]

Day 9 – part 2

Today, Colin is still on the ventilator, but it is not on. It will kick in if he stops breathing, but they are weaning him off and he will be able to breathe without it very soon, I am sure. My Dad came today, and was able to correct me – he is at about … [Read more…]

Day 9

Today I am grateful for sleeping, my bath, and wonderful, wonderful warm water. I am starting to feel how tired I am, but have been so uplifted by so many people. Yesterday morning I went to see my friends at the scrapping shop, and that was such an uplifting thing. I need to remember to … [Read more…]

Day 8 – part 2

I forgot the most important part. Today I am beyond grateful for my friends – near and far, recent, and those I have not spoken to for a while. In particular in the scrapping / card making / mixed media group. I went there today and they just held up my arms – not literally, … [Read more…]

Day 8

We have mixed news today. He is back on the ventilator, but on the other hand, his bed is at a slight angle, and he was not able to tolerate that before. It means he is in much less pain, and his muscles are able to support him better, even with the loss of feeling … [Read more…]