Day 5

Today i am grateful for my Dad. He is just awesome. So far, since he has been on the ventilator, it has been frustrating for Colin to try tell me what he wants or when he needs medical assistance. I have been using the spelling thing – where I say the letter of the alphabet … [Read more…]

Day 4

I just got home from the hospital now – we were there a bit longer because the doc wanted to chat to me. It is not great news. He is still on the ventilator, and they say it may take a bit more time before they can take the pipe out. He is awake, and … [Read more…]

Day 3, part 2

Ok, so part of the learning curve has already begun. Colin has a fever of 39.9, and they had just started him on a new antibiotic this evening to try get the temperature down, and of course, the tube from the ventilator is not pleasant. He was trying really hard to tell me he loved … [Read more…]

Day 3

Day 3 Today I am grateful for support structures – friends, family, our animals, the nurses, the doctors, the paramedics, and the water in the taps. Colin likes it when I put a cool facecloth on his head and while he has been in his coma, I have been doing this for him. To be … [Read more…]

Day 2

Hi friends My hubby was involved in a serious car accident on Friday morning, on his way to work. That is our ground zero. Today, being Sunday, is day 2. I initially intended this blog to be a site for my creative endeavours, but it would appear that it is the tool I will use … [Read more…]

Gratitude journal

There are so many people I have not been able to tell, and too many I have not updated enough. Colin (my husband) was involved in a bad car accident yesterday morning, and he has a significant injury to his spine and neck. He is currently undergoing a lengthy surgery to perform a 360 degree … [Read more…]

Looking for rayon seam binding please

I am looking for a product called rayon seam binding. The brand most people would probably be familiar with is Hug Snug: (Image taken from which sells in the US) I am sure we used to get it here in Joburg, but I am not able to find it anywhere. I would love to … [Read more…]

Photo test

I completed my tripod (see my previous post) but I made a mistake with the length of the top part, so I need another T-piece, and a few tweaks.  I did however, manage to test the tripod using my tags from the scrapbook day last month.   Here are the closeups of the embossing on … [Read more…]

Homemade overhead tabletop tripod

Hi everyone   I wanted to make a plan to have better photos, and in time, videos for my tutorials, for my blog.  There are many lower-cost options out there, and after a brief search on the interwebs, I found a great tutorial on how to make one using PVC pipe. My inspiration came from … [Read more…]

Tags from SANSD Make-and-Take 2

The second Make-and-Take tutorial we had at the National Scrapbook Day last month was given by Denise van Deventer.  She is featured on a lot of different blogs, and all her work is always inspiring and interesting.   To make a beautiful tag, she showed us how to build up layers using background stenciling, stamping, … [Read more…]