Demonstration for National Scrapbook Day 2023 (South Africa)

We are currently in National Scrapbook Month here in South Africa, following the 4th of February which was National Scrapbook Day (NSD) this year. My local craft shop approached me to do a demonstration for the ladies who had booked.

I was so honoured to be chosen, and immediately put on my thinking cap. The demo had to be something scrapbook-related and would need to be a complete unit that the ladies could finish in a short time so they could take it home. It also needed to be something that would fit on a scrap page or in a scrap album. I immediately started to think of something that was interactive, like a mini album. I also thought of this because I am one of those people who prefer to have many photos on my layouts rather than a magnificent page with just one pic. I must also admit I am not a professional scrapbooker and mostly build my pages from kits. 🙂

So I also wanted to incorporate a one-sheet-wonder for the project and came up with an idea that is inspired by Treasure Books who did a similar project (here is the YouTube link to her project).

Here are the instructions on how to make the booklet. Feel free to download and use it for your personal use.

The theme of the NSD at my local was Lavendar’s Blue, so I used gorgeous purple and blue double-sided paper, and used lilac for my photo mats, a page of flowery, and a page with edges and shapes.

Here is my album:


I didn’t decorate the back because I will glue it onto my layout, but some ladies decorated theirs and just inserted it into the album sleeve.

The kit I gave the ladies included instructions as well as a few pages of images in the theme colours, but in truly individual style, each of the ladies made their own version – they were all just gorgeous.

You can use this method to create a mini album with many signatures to use as a journal, and then the 3-hole binding method will be useful. You can bind it with just 2, but it won’t hold as well for multiple pages.

I am so pleased that it seemed to go well, and you can look forward to many more classes from me. Thank you for popping in, and I hope you are all doing well. See you soon. 🙂


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