Painted Wooden craft holder

This evening I worked some more on my wooden craft caddy. I have wanted to use some beautiful pink paper on it and have been waiting for inspiration. I painted it using a soft pink chalk paint, and tonight I glued pieces of the new Penelope Dee Be You range onto it. I still need … [Read more…]

More tangles

Still having fun creating cards using Zentangle techniques from an course #zentangleforcardmakers by Amber Rain Davis, here are some of the latest ones I have made. Thanks for stopping by, and have a good week.XxX

My Valentine

This week has been a tiring one. But to show my love for Colin, I made a red velvet cake with all the trimmings, from specially fluffy vanilla buttercream icing to strawberry compote. It was made with more enthusiasm and love than skill, as you can tell from the uneven lines, and layers, and it … [Read more…]

He knows…

Both Colin and I are Star Wars fans. I suspect I am a bite more of a fan than he is, but that’s ok. I made this picture set a while ago, but never got around to posting it. It is the quintessential “I love you” reply <3 Here’s to your valentine’s day, whatever you … [Read more…]