Addo Elephant Park Nov 2018

It was the Vicar and his wife’s 80th birthdays, so the family decided to have a small reunion at Addo. Cath and Craig set it all up, catered, and did everything so we all rocked up and had a lovely weekend. Here are some wonderful photos taken by Adon who as it turns out, is … [Read more…]

Perspective, words, and how we see things…

Maybe it is because I am getting old(er), but I am not happy that my language is changing simply because people consistently get it wrong. I don’t know that I understand it completely, but things like commas are added to make plurals, abbreviations are made incorrectly, and words are dropped because it is too difficult … [Read more…]

I can hear you now…

I finally got around to having my hearing test again after years and years of knowing I am not hearing properly. I did have hearing aids when I started my first job and could not hear on the phone. I got a really cool pair which streams to my phone via Bluetooth, and I can … [Read more…]

Physio update – pushing a manual chair

Colin’s shoulders are stronger, but they still need a lot of work. Yesterday, we got to try a different manual chair. This one seems like it may be the one that works for him. Here you can see him pushing himself. A major achievement considering he could hardly move his right arm AT ALL just … [Read more…]