My Valentine

This week has been a tiring one. But to show my love for Colin, I made a red velvet cake with all the trimmings, from specially fluffy vanilla buttercream icing to strawberry compote. It was made with more enthusiasm and love than skill, as you can tell from the uneven lines, and layers, and it … [Read more…]

He knows…

Both Colin and I are Star Wars fans. I suspect I am a bite more of a fan than he is, but that’s ok. I made this picture set a while ago, but never got around to posting it. It is the quintessential “I love you” reply <3 Here’s to your valentine’s day, whatever you … [Read more…]

Addo Elephant Park Nov 2018

It was the Vicar and his wife’s 80th birthdays, so the family decided to have a small reunion at Addo. Cath and Craig set it all up, catered, and did everything so we all rocked up and had a lovely weekend. Here are some wonderful photos taken by Adon who as it turns out, is … [Read more…]

Perspective, words, and how we see things…

Maybe it is because I am getting old(er), but I am not happy that my language is changing simply because people consistently get it wrong. I don’t know that I understand it completely, but things like commas are added to make plurals, abbreviations are made incorrectly, and words are dropped because it is too difficult … [Read more…]

I can hear you now…

I finally got around to having my hearing test again after years and years of knowing I am not hearing properly. I did have hearing aids when I started my first job and could not hear on the phone. I got a really cool pair which streams to my phone via Bluetooth, and I can … [Read more…]